Medievalism Transformed

16th Annual Medievalism Transformed Conference, 18th September 2020

Call for papers deadline: 30th June 2020
Keynote speaker: Dr Aisling Byrne
Location: Online

Movement through Arthurian Legend

Medievalism Transformed is an annual event hosted by Bangor University, School of English, that aims to explore the medieval world and its sustained impact on subsequent culture and thought. It brings together postgraduates and early career researchers from across the United Kingdom and worldwide.

This conference is unique not only because it welcomes research from a multitude of medieval studies’ disciplines, but also because of its interest in the sustained fascination with and impact of the Middle Ages in later centuries.

Medievalism Transformed 2020 explores all historical and literary ideas relating to the theme of movement in the medieval world, from re-readings of the Arthurian legend through time — Geoffrey of Monmouth, Sir Thomas Malory, Tolkien, and Game of Thrones — to movement within the texts themselves — History of Emotions, bildungsroman, and travel narratives. How are texts re-invented across time? What role do texts play as cultural objects in their historical moment and beyond? How does a text engage with moving times, cultures, and space.

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