Past Conferences


Crime and Punishment: From the Medieval to the Early Modern and the Neo-Gothic (21st June 2019)


Doubt and Truth in the Medieval and Early Modern World


Medievalism Transformed: Childhood as a Modern Construct.

Programme, Poster


Icons of Villainy: Villainy and Its Portrayal in the Medieval and Early Modern World



Medievalism Transformed: To Die Would Be an Awfully Big Adventure: The Glory and the Gore of Death and Horror Through the Ages


Medievalism Transformed: Magic in the Web of It: Sorcery and the Supernatural in the Middle Ages
Programme, Poster, Welsh poster


Medievalism Transformed: Texts and Territories in the Middle Ages
Programme, Call for Papers and Poster


Medievalism Transformed: Every discrete person that redeth or hereth this...
Information, 2010 Call for Papers and 2010 Poster


Medievalism Transformed: Translating the Middle Ages
2009 Call for Papers and 2009 Poster


Medievalisms Transformed: Medieval Education in Perspective

Information, Welsh Information, Programme, Poster


Medievalism Transformed: Medieval Expression
2007 Programme


Medievalism Transformed: Imagining the Medieval World
2006 Call for Papers and 2006 Poster


The inaugural conference, Medievalism Transformed
Back and Forth in Medieval Studies, was held at the University of Wales, Bangor on 18 June 2005. Students from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States delivered papers on a wide variety of subjects, offering new perspectives on medieval texts and themes and examining the future possibilities of medievalism. Professor P.J.C. Field delivered the conference’s opening address, and our guest speaker, Professor Maldwyn Mills, spoke on Chaucer’s Miller’s Tale and its relation to Freud’s unheimlech. The conference closed with a Round Table discussion on the future directions of research in medieval studies and medievalism.
Click on these links to view the 2005 programme or the 2005 Call for Papers.